If you are presently canvassing, but just aren’t getting the results you want then this DVD and report is definitely right for you.

In them you’ll uncover the little hinges that can swing big doors. I’ve owned and built a highly successful home improvement company from the ground up mostly on canvassed leads and I've worked with some of most successful direct sales in at least 10 different industries. A commonality in all of them is that the more successful they become the more the little things become more important for continued growth and financial success.

If your company has a canvassing department right now and not producing the number or quality of leads it should, then I can guarantee you the answers to your problems is lurking in the shadows of some small, overlooked, but ever present detail that’s “ham-stringing” your results. This DVD will reveal those details within your company, and the report will give you the targets to shoot for in lead production to help you know if you’re being successful or not.

Quite often, people who read this report tell me it validates their results. And for others it gives them the clarity to improve theirs.

The DVD and report is definitely for companies already canvassing. Getting these 2 resources can help identify areas within your company for improvement, which will put you far ahead of your competition.

Often the biggest hurdle for a company that’s not presently canvassing is finding the “right” canvass manager; that person who’ll head up and direct your canvassing team to success and financial riches.

You read above that this program is for companies canvassing already, but what about you? The “silver bullet” in this program. I talk in detail on how and where to find the right manager to fast start your program.

Actually, not having a canvassing department already actually puts you ahead of the people I talked about above, those already with canvassing departments. They have a department and they’re looking for the improvements to what they've already built. You, as a company who doesn’t have a canvassing program already running are actually in a better position than those companies who already do… the companies you’ll be competing with in your area.

I’ll give you the tools and direction to find the right manager for your company. Once you have that in place, the rest of my DVD and Numbers report will be a road map for you in creating a highly successful canvassing department. You could say … that’s the ultimate JUMPSTART!

If you’re canvassing efforts are languishing … teedering on non-existence, or you’ve delayed starting a canvassing program because you don’t have the key person in place yet then you owe it to yourself and your company to get this DVD and report right now.

The DVD and downloadable report are free, though we do ask for $9.95 to cover the shipping and handling cost of mailing you the DVD package.

In addition to receiving my "5 Reasons Why Most Fail in Canvassing DVD", and our PDF downloadable "Numbers That Make Canvassing Successful Report" FREE, I’ll also subscribe you to my bi-monthly electronic newsletter, “Canvassing Insider” where each month I discuss techniques and strategies in canvassing. Some of the topics I’ve discussed in the past are:

How to get the homeowner more receptive to your offer?

Should you get permits to canvass or not?

Handling “No Solicitation” situation

And more …

Your subscription to “Canvassing Update” (e-letter) will arrive via email twice a month. In addition to the Canvassing Update e-letter, you’ll also be enrolled in my 26 part video coaching series. These are short videos containing ‘nuggets’ of information on different aspects of canvassing. The total value of both these bonuses (bi-monthly Canvassing Update subscription and 26 part video coaching series) combined is $197.00.

You’ll also be enrolled in 2 complimentary months in my Silver Level Membership Telecoaching. You’ll have access to 4 live group calls with me over 2 consecutive months. On these calls I discuss in detail tangible, implementable content as it pertains specifically to canvassing and managing canvassing. On the calls with you will be other Silver level members and potentially members from my Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus programs. These are live, interactive calls where you get to ask and get answers to your most burning questions.

As a Silver Level Telecoaching member for 2-months you’ll also receive, in the mail, the CD recordings from each call so you can review the material or share it with your canvassing team; as well as 4 issues of my Canvassing Insider printed and mailed newsletter. The audio CD’s and print newsletters are a great resource for building your internal canvassing training library. The total value of your 2 month’s membership, including the audio CD’s and Canvassing Insider newsletter is $119.94. At the end of your complimentary membership you will be charged $59.97/month to continue your membership, but you can cancel at any time.

The total value of all you receive:

1.      5 Reasons Why Most Fail in Canvassing DVD

2.      Downloadable – Numbers That Make Canvassing Successful Report

3.      Canvassing Update bi-monthly e-letter subscription

4.      2 Months complimentary Silver Level Membership Telecoaching & CD recordings of the live Silver Membership calls

5.      2 Months complimentary subscription to the Canvassing Insider print newsletter

Total Value - $533.84

To get your copy of "The 5 Reasons Companies Fail Canvassing" video DVD and a complete report "Understanding the Numbers that make Canvassing Successful" free please fill in all the information below. If you’re still not convinced this is right for you, here’s what clients are saying about it.

“Being willing to change old ideas, and try new ones is the only way to improve our situation. In just a few days time we have seen a dramatic change. It looks like we may better than double our lead generation. Thank You Chris!!!!!” David E. Stone

“I generally canvass from 5-7:30p.... every time I've gotten at least one appointment booked, and from each appointment booked I've done as a job as a result of it.” Steve, New Jersey

“I just wanted to tell you how well your stuff has been working out in less than a week. I posted online for canvassers last night and have received more applicants than I could have imagined possible, and have started using the flyers and they are working great as well. All of the information you provided has been very helpful to my canvassing company.” Brain Clark – F2F Marketing

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