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If you had one chance to ask Chris Thompson- The Canvass King any question about canvassing for leads what would that question be?
What is a canvass manager? A canvassing manager leads a team to a successful canvassing program. Chris Thomson guides you on how to find the right person with the right sales canvassing techniques.
Chris Thompson the Canvass King gives you several suggestions on how to find the ideal canvasser for your company. He covers the steps to use for hiring from qualifying the prospect on the phone, to the actual hiring of the canidate.
Transportation logistic is a common situation when managing a canvassing crew. Chis discusses simple ways to transport your canvassers without having to invest in extra transportation vehicles.
Chris Thompson gives you tips on how to structure your ads that work, and suggestions where to place them, when advertising a job opportunity to potential canvassers for your company.
Canvass Managers are a key part of your canvassing program and need to be compensated based on where your business is at right now. Chris gives you guidelines on how to structure a compensation program that is right for the size of your business.
Chris trains and works with canvassers on the street and in the trenches. He shares with you the things that motivate and keep your canvassers excited to keep them on the job and producing qualified leads for your home improvement company.
Chris Thompson, the Canvass King, talks about the easiest way to recruit canvassers by providing them a pay plan they feel is just and fair to them. New recruits are more likely to apply for the position when they feel their efforts are being compensated for.
A consideration you should keep in mind is whether to hire canvassers full or part time. Chris Thompson discussed the different options and benefits to hiring part time or full time, depending on your budgets and business..
Canvassing won't last without canvassers but at what point do you fire a canvasser for under performance? Chris Thompson, a successfull canvassing coach to hundreds discusses a time line method to measure the performance of a new canvasser in the field.
Keeping canvassers motivated is one of the most important things you need to strategically set up in your canvassing business. Chris Thompson helps you develop a long term solution to keep canvassers knocking on doors, generating leads and making more money for themselves and the company.
That questions is answered based on what you need in canvassing. Chris Thompson, The Canvass King, talks about the different criterea's to consider when looking for a canvasser depending on what you need to fill the position.
When you have multiple canvassers out canvassing neighborhoods managing the appointment schedule when you don't know the sales schedule. Chris Thompson helps you simplify that process to fill the sales schedule with qualified leads.
How many times to go back into a neighborhood to recanvass depends on your territory. Exploring territories gives you the opportunity to find new territories to explore. Chris gives you suggestions on recanvassing territories to give you more access to home owners you missed the first time canvassing the neighborhood.
Successful companies pick neighborhoods with highest likely buyers of their home improvement and remodeling services. Chris Thompson gives you guidelines on how to choose those neighborhoods to lead to your success.
The Canvass King talks about being in a neighborhood and answers the question of how many times to go to canvass that neighborhood in one day.
Past and present jobs in a neighborhood are good areas to canvass but not the only neighborhoods to target. Chris Thompson gives you tips on how to use neighborhood jobs to leverage your presentation to home owners in new neighborhoods.
Confused on what time of day to canvass? Chris Thompson gives you tips on what time of day to canvass a neighborhood when home owners are home and how to adjust that based on time of the year.
What are laws on canvassing a neighborhood? Chris gives you the scoop on what your legal rights are for going door to door in a neighborhood.
Answering the guestion of which is more important, booking the lead or getting the appointmen at the door is discussed by Chris Thompson in this video edition.
How to handle a homeowner when you you interrupt them while they are doing something to get them to listen to you. Chis Thompson, The Canvass King, talks about the real life situations that a canvasser has to deal with, and how to handle those situations.
Do you get frustrated when a homeowner tells you they don't need your product or services? Chris Thompson gives you tips on how to get the homeowner to handle that objection in a very non-threatening manor.
Have you ever had the home owner try to cut you off and close the door after your opening introduction? Chris gives you suggestion on how to handle this objection and get the canvasser the chance to proceed with their presentation
Do you look for opportunities when approaching a home that has a sign for no solicitation? Chris Thompson, The Canvass King, talks about how to handle those situation, your legal right, and still be able to approach the home owner.
Did you ever want to know how to approach the door and have the home owner not try to close the door on you? Chris talks about proven systems and techniques that works for you as a canvasser to make more presentation.
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If you had one chance to ask Chris Thompson- The Canvass King any question about canvassing for leads what would that question be?
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