Ever had the objection "Can't afford it." Here is a clip of the training video showing how to handle this scenario. Order online or call (216) 588-1337 to get a video for your company.
Chris Thompson the Canvass King walks along with an experienced canvasser demonstrating tips and techniques.
The Canvass King shows you how to easily capture a window lead in a clip from the canvassing training video.
Have you ever gotten the "There's nothing wrong with my _______" Watch Chris handle that objection from this Clip on the training video made for Renewal by Anderson.

It's for the canvasser, canvass manager or owner who's been in the business a while, but you find yourself in a position where your results and lead production is languishing near non-existence. And you're struggling mentally, physically, emotionally thinking you're trying all the right things, but your results aren't changing.

This program is a combination of video and audio, as well as a complete playbook containing scripts detailing the my entire 5-Step Canvassing System, including the introduction, discovering how to flush out objections from non-objections at the door; and when you do get and objections you'll learn the actual words of the rebuttals that diffuse the homeowner's objections and get your to booking the lead. The program is packed full of tangible tools and techniques that will increase your closing percentages, including the successful scripts I? ve developed for each and every product or service one could canvass for& and much more.

Silver Level membership is for individual canvassers and canvassing teams looking for continual coaching and direction for their own canvassing efforts. Bi-monthly live telephone coaching calls include canvassers, canvass managers, marketing and sales managers as well as owners on a group Telecoaching call where you get to mastermind with other non-competing companies experiencing the same challenges and success you are.

The Gold Level coaching is primarily for canvass managers and all upper management. Part of the program is geared specifically for the owners and or president for private topics related directly towards the canvass manager. Often membership into Gold follows completing the Ultimate Jump Start Canvassing Success Program and the actions implemented in Jump Start carryover to Gold Membership to help you keep your momentum moving forward. All the scripts, systems and strategies we put in motion during your month of Jump Start calls will be continued to be worked on and developed.

Platinum membership is primarily for the Owner(s) and/or President. This program is designed for companies looking to outsource the strategic responsibilities of leading their canvassing department. Like large corporations with key executives who oversee multiple branch locations I would be your Vice President of Canvassing Operations; I would strategically oversee your canvassing department and hold the canvass manager. This program is for those companies that are committed to canvassing for the long term.

There are some companies who want to get the most from their investment when it comes to training their canvassing staff. These are often private clients and on-site coaching is reserved for top-end private clients who want to maximize their results. I come to your location and spend time digging into every aspect of your canvassing department. We? re going to look at your numbers, how you? re recruiting canvassers, daily pre-shift meetings, canvassing in the neighborhoods, compensating canvassers and canvass managers& you name it, we? re going to discuss it.
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