I've been where you are right now. I've canvassed neighborhoods, ran my own home improvement company and built it to a multi-million dollar a year business. I understand what you experience everyday on the front lines of canvassing. You've been out in the neighborhoods battling for leads one door at a time. You've been going at it armed with sling shots and bee bee guns ... until now. My Canvassing in the New Economy program will turn you into a super-canvasser. You'll now be armed with the knowledge, tools and skills that will be the equivalent of bazookas and howitzers. This single program will even the score for you.

I created a canvass training program that's long overdue ... and it's ready RIGHT NOW.

The "Canvassing in the New Economy" program is a combination of video and audio, as well as a complete playbook containing scripts of every step in the program, including the introduction, discovering how to flush out objections from non-objections at the door; and when you do get and objections you'll learn the actual words of the rebuttals that diffuse the homeowner's objections and get your to booking the lead. The program is packed full of tangible tools and techniques that will increase your closing percentages.

You'll see live canvassing calls at the door, but you'll also discover the psychological and behavioral triggers behind ever word in the scripts. When the homeowner opens their door and sees you standing on their door step they immediately put their mental guard up, just as a boxers keeps his guard up to prevent from being physically beaten by his opponent. This is exactly what it feels like for the average canvasser ... a sparring match between you and the homeowner, unfortunately one you will lose most of the time; unless you're skilled in the verbal art of persuasion ... equipped with the tools and techniques to systematically and predictably get the homeowner to lower their mental guard and become open to accepting your opportunity.

Handling the most crucial part of the canvass call, the introduction

Including how handle situations at the door, such as

Having the homeowner cut you off anywhere in your presentation

What to do when knock on the door during dinner

When they already have replacement windows

When they try to get you off the porch with a lame excuse like, "There's no soliciting in our neighborhood"

When they come to the door on the telephone

Even how to get them to open the door when they won't

Or when they have to talk to their spouse to make decisions

You'll even discover my 3 Advanced Introduction strategies. These are strategies that will immediately increase your credibility and significantly lower their defenses.

The program contains 9 video and audio disks and more than 7 hours of detailed, tangible, implementable and measurable canvassing specific, product specific training.

If you're ready to turn your sling shots and BB guns into bazookas and howitzers and "blow" up your lead generating results, then you'll want to complete the information below to order your copy of my "Canvassing in the New Economy" video training program.

And don't worry, I'm putting all the risk squarely on my shoulders because the program comes with my unconditional, no questions asked guarantee. If after 6-months and implementing the scripts, tools and techniques you'll learn in the program you haven't doubled your lead production send back the entire system and I'll refund 100% of your investment.

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