On-Site Coaching & Consulting is a combination of coaching, consulting and training at your place of business. The on-site visits are usually reserved for a week. The services provided are based on your needs mostly revolved around recruiting, hiring, interviewing and training canvassers.

This program is for everyone involved with your canvassing department, including owners and marketing managers. This program is the most flexible one I offer because it’s tailored to your specific needs and can benefit a company at any level of canvassing experience.

An initial phone consult to identify your immediate areas of need and the goals you want to accomplish from my visit

From that conversation I’ll identify the procedures, scripts and/or paper work that will be needed for my visit. Doing this in advance lets us spend the time focused on the training and results you want to see when I’m there.

If it’s help finding, interviewing and hiring a canvasser manager then that’s what we’ll accomplish. If it’s recruiting and interviewing canvassers then that’s what we’ll do, training your canvassers how to successful get leads out in your neighborhoods.

I’ll walk the streets with your canvassers teaching them on the job in real time. One of the biggest benefits is showing the managers and canvassers the system that guarantees canvassing results.

Whereas my Ultimate Jump Start program helps you get things set up and moving, being on site you get the benefit of me being able to evaluate your department and canvassers and the benefit of an experienced coach being able to make live adjustments and coaching in real time, when they happen.

At the end of the visit I’ll give the owner a private and objective evaluation on all parts of the department. You’ll know if you have the right people in place and the next action steps to take to keep the department moving forward.

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